BOLD PUSH Joins Forces with Codete to Help Berlin Scale Ups Accelerate their Growth


We like doing business with nice, smart, and driven people. The folks at Codete are all of that and more. Which is why we decided to partner with them to help the tech Scale Ups in Berlin get to the next level.

When the startup hustle is behind them, (read lots of Club Mattes and long nights to keep the ship afloat) scale ups usually have some time to slow down just a bit and get a good look at what they’ve built. More often then not, they’ve built a viable product/service and a great company. They haven’t always built processes and a technology that scale very easily though. 

Decisions that Define Your Company’s Future

This is where Codete comes into play. With their expertise in Data Science, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing, Codete helps young companies scale faster. They help them make the right tech decisions that will define their future. Scales Up don’t need big, complicated, expensive, and slow consultants. They need experts who understand the business issues they’re facing on a daily basis and a real plan that makes a real impact… now!

Get Help to Tackle your Tech Challenges

If you’re a Scale Up who’s stuck in a tech mess. Or if you just need solid expertise to get your tech to the next level in an agile way, get in touch with us.  We’ll make sure your future is in good hands.