We transform companies into inspiring brands by creating remarkable customer experience. 

─ Overview

At Bold Push, we’re not business as usual.

We help our clients stand out. We create events, marketing campaigns, and growth plans that focus on the one and only thing that matters in business: the fellow humans we serve. Those very people who buy your products, recommend your services, and eventually become true fans of your brand.​One creative move at the time, we help bring your business closer to your customers. Through real connections, genuine value, and dedicated craftsmanship.


Our team is made of multidisciplinary experts who've taken different paths 

Entrepreneurs, analysts, strategists, engineers, creatives designers, and musicians. Our team is made of bold, creative, and determined team players. Together we go deep to better understand human behaviour because what matters in business (as much as in life) is people. We believe that collaboration is the key to overcome challenges while embracing changes, technology, and innovation.

─ BOLDPUSHCommunity

Let’s collaborate to break through the boundaries of creativity. Let’s mix our ideas, expertise, talents, and technologies to make a dent in this world.

What unites us?

A desire to bring together emerging technologies, arts/design, and entrepreneurship to create projects that move things forward. Always through real connections, real value and dedicated craftsmanship.

Let’s create something that matters | BOLD minds— welcome!


We empower brands. Are you ready for the future?

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